Día Dev: Sharing Development

Long time no post, a lot of family and hard work. As I meet with several enthusiasts in Maraciabo and we have found an interest in developing in distributions. I have a relative experience in Ubuntu and this helps me to develop Debian and other debian based distributions, either Canaima or other. The idea is to form a team which can get involved in improving distributions and meet regurlarly to share experiences.

This time we’ll start with Ubuntu, where I participate as a member project, the first event is this Saturday and have a Hangout On Air to share the talks and the meeting here in Maraca. The idea is to report bugs on 12.10 beta, improve bugs, improve translations and documentation, make designs, etc.. and you can join us in Maracaibo by registering at the event available Ubuntu Community Portal.

This event will take place in the fabulous facilities Coworking Maracaibo , who support us in this good initiative. They will provide us with good internet and great rooms for meetings.

This week I’ll be blogging the things necessary to actively participate in this particular event. While this time is to support Ubuntu, expect other opportunities organized by the Dev Team Day for other distributions, provided we have enthusiasts who want to share development.
All guests.

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