Ubuntu Global Jam – Maracaibo: Success!

In Maracaibo for UGJ oneiric, we wanted to focus on providing bugs, and we are ioff to a good start. We shared confirming bugs together. I showed how easy it was to do package updates. We had a great turn up with: Cesar Sevilla, Miguel Alvarado, David Cannan, Jorge Urdaneta, Jesus Suarez, Chambers Arlette Salas, Juan (a 16 year old who already use linux for a while), Abdul Lugo, Alexander Chambers. We had a blast and they learned it was not difficult to give back to the Ubuntu.

We had a good taste of what it is to contribute, and it was sweet. For the next event, we will prepare better before  so that people feel more comfortable with all the necessary tools and a set of correct expectations and we want to extend this work to other distributions, either make a bug squashing party for Debian or a mini session reporting errors in Canaima. It is important to consider that what you learn here is valuable when you contribute to any software project. Learning to report errors serves any project. These efforts are more focused on getting us to support development as such. How are you organize more activities in the coming days. now to celebrate this release Ubuntu Oncelot oneiric 11.10.

At the end of the day we shared good pizzas 🙂

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