FLISOL Maracaibo 2011

And there  it was. An event with a mass audience, with people installing free software on their computers, many people asking for volunteers in the technical tables. With talks aimed at developing the students of the university. With people who came in buses from Cabimas and Machiques, from “Mission Sucre”. With people of all profiles linked by a single purpose. Bringing free software to new people.

The talks were perhaps a little too much devel, but there was something for everyone, from how to manage servers at universities, using free software community councils,  children using computers, taking a few wacks at php, to supporting  developments in Mozilla platform. definitely an initial step that is very focused on development and that was what the university environment was after.

To balance loads, located 3 videobeams for demonstrating multiple desktops,Canaima, Mandriva, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian with its various applications. The facilities were crowded and even  slackware was installed at the request of several people. We have mirrors of debian, ubuntu, Canaima, arch and fedora. A great technical effort by volunteers who reached 20 this year :).

to be reunited as a group in an event after so long felt invigorating. Many people worked hard: Jose Diaz, Ricardo Urdaneta, Jorge Urdaneta (Betsabeth and baby on the way), Angel Ramirez, Carlos Fox, Yunklin Perez, Cesar Sevilla, Gerardo Curiel, Armando Segnini Osleidy Vozo. The Ubuntu Venezuela Team, Refresh Maracaibo and Warnet always supported. A great family that keeps growing. However, we need more variety.

While this FLISOL Maracaibo came out in a surge of emergency, the result shows the great work done by the representatives of the core UNEFA Zulia for their unconditional support (David Garcia, Sujeiry Luzardo, Luis Castilian), Maracaibo VELUG boys (new and old) to demonstrate that we are far more than we thought. Next year we will have more  FLISOL in Zulia as people from TELETRIUNFADOR have prommised to take free software to  their localities so that they ignite new sources of free software community in their cities. No easy task. but here is definitely a start.

The photos in this post are courtesy of my brother from another mother, Gregory Aular Franco. you can enjoy the full picasa gallery of VELUG Maracaibo.

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