Why there is no GLOBAL JAM in $mycity…

This post is kinda of a reflection on the things that sometimes bump me a little. I share this to receive some feedback on how to have a more productive jam next cycle.

Some little things I have observed in my in $mycity:

  1. Not many people are developers or think they investigative skill to help fix bugs in a distribution like UBUNTU.
  2. Many people are excited about the new changes but are not interested at all in helping provide feedback.
  3. Some people feel that the language barrier does not let them participate confortably and pass on oportunities of cooperation like Global Jams.
  4. One guy (usually oneself :S) gets stuck with all logistics planning mainly because people do not think the activity is meaningful to them.

Any tips on sparking fellow citizens and users of ubuntu on how to contribute more to ubuntu development?, Please leave a comment…

P.S Next Cycle I will try to gather people who are enthusiastic enough in $mycity and have teams like I have seen in many different cities around the world. We want to help, but a one-man jam is no jam. it is standup tragic comedy.

2 Replies to “Why there is no GLOBAL JAM in $mycity…”

  1. If you are excited about an event, you must do all the logistics yourself. Only on the day can you commit people to doing things by asking them there and then.

    The only exception I’ve found is things like car-pooling, which people seem to do automatically without help.

  2. I really didn’t knew what a global jam is. So I went to google to find out.
    Why nobody in the #ubuntu-ve talks about this?
    Who are the people that have help somehow with ubuntu in Venezuela or in $youcity?
    As individuals they make a very small impact, why not talk with them to form a group?
    Why not have a small talk, meeting or get together with some of the flisol team? just to see what they think?
    If you see that a developer can help but don’t know how, just teach him/her to do a small contribution..
    How? maybe something like pair to translating and dividing the tasks.

    As Martin says you must take other opportunities to make it relevant and to gain people.
    Start small, contributing with the small parts, the ones that nobody wants to do (I think documentation and translation) these are fine because maybe don’t need to be an experienced developer to do it.

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