TUNO: a django app for scheduled microblogging


I write because I posted an app in django which we used in the office to play with the twitter api’s, we added identi.ca publications and now we bring it to a web app using the power of django. This app is not ready for production but can put it to work in 10 steps.
This web application is ideal for status updates that are informative and scheduled. In fact it is the only thing that works for now. I invite you to join the development of what would be a web app for publications neglected all social networks. This is writen primordially to have an app that is transparent in it’s publishing of status updates in the cloud and have it  as free and opensource software

I do not guarantee it works 100% all the time for now, not a nice and safe code, but that’s where we are headed. I’ve been using since November and is pretty much on time with publications. now if there is a Json error from time to time with identi.ca. only make sure  that you don’t post the same thing twice in less than 5 minutes).

All is well detailed in the git repository to prepare for this app. I will have a Bzr branch  also keep a repository for those of us who do use it daily but I have not posted it yet.

Please do check out and have fun with TUNO


initial meeting development in freenode # tuno friday 11 March, 17:30 UTC

Please consider helping out. It needs all the hands we can get to make it look, feel and perform rock solid
A hug to everyone

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