Talking FLOSS / Linux and Ubuntu on the Radio

We have been invited again to participate in the radio program of technology “Estamos en linea” (we are online), our initial invitation was canceled due to nation-wide broadcast of the president on 4 February.

Today I will be participating in the radio program to discuss the current state of Linux, free software and open source movement and how it is evolving in our city. I will be taking some ubuntu cds I received via shipit (thanks guys). This program is on “Clasicos 100.05” at 19:30 VET ( Thursday, february 17, 2011, 0:00:00 UTC) and can listen to web streaming program

I know for a fact this is a show that is very propietary software friendly so your support online can help stir discussions to a productive and eye-opening experience for all.

You can contact the program team via your twitter account @estamosenlinea program, preferably during the program and questions to point out.

We count on your participation

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