OLAN VELUG Maracaibo Feb 2011

After a long while without having an Open LAN in Maracaibo. VELUG Maracaibo took reins once more and we celebrate achiving the NGO status for our LUG. Amongst attendees we had; David García, Jorge Luis Zambrano and his girlfriend Dayana, Gregory Aular, Cesar Sevilla, Irais Mejías, Rosana Gonzalez, Carlos Fox and his wife and baby ,  we had as new guests Alejandra Alaña, Ricardo Urdaneta. Via streaming we shared with Leandro Gomez (Nicaragua), Enmanuel Llanos (from the plains). JulioH and ByMarshall from Trujillo and Uokesita desde Maracaibo.

We had our usual fast food and enjoyed a while with our families. We consider this gathering… BABYLAN (with participation from Carlita, Santiago and Cesar David).


I had the joy of installing Kubuntu 10.10 in the computer (Dell Inspiron 1525)  of a true friend, Alejandra Alaña. I had some issues making wireless work since her ethernet card had been damaged by electrical storms in Kansa, USA. Kubuntu includes b43-fwcutter in the live cd (see /pool/main/b) and after that downloaded the firmware  (see full post from rokkox), I extracted them b43. Upgraded and installed useful apps for her and automounted drives from her other operating systems. She is happy and wants to learn. She understands that she can use other operating systems but Linux is on by default.

Ricardo Urdaneta  was a first time attendee to the OLAN (just like I was in 2006). He was super pleased with the experience in the Open LAN, people speak the same language. This interaction energizes all and it indicates we are in the right and open path in which whoever seeks support in our LUG.

David García haciendo streaming

We had  streaming with comments from  David García, Cesar Sevilla and Gregory Aular Franco, besides personal anecdotes amongst the topics discussed:

  1. Experiences in VELUG Maracaibo
  2. The Nokia mobile agreement
  3. Public Figures with commitment with presidensial decree 3390 (Free Software Only in Public Administration)  stating that using Propietary OS and tecnology is “OK”.

and much more. we hope to hold the next one next month in Carlos Fox’s house. if you are in Maracaibo check out  VELUG Maracaibo. You can check pictures in my picasa album

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