Alive and kicking…

It’s been a while since my last post. I have really been super active in other aspects of life, mostly family as me and my family continue to grow. My son is almost 2 years old and he is a shipment of energy and fun. Also Work has gotten really tought in reaching contracts and it is a bit difficult at times.

Turpial Packaging

Turpial packaging has improved enourmously thanks to the help of Miguel Landaeta who cleaned the house a bit. He has also made a serious move to get it included in debian. this would mean Turpial for people in other distros besides ubuntu and debian. Upstream is very happy and it has energized him to futher develop the client. We are glad to work for you in this sense. I am currently working on creating Automated Daily Builds just like Chromium. I am reading a bit and seeing where things can get ugly (GitHub and canonical URL for tarball download).


Ubuntu-ve is still growing, but I have been a bit reluctant to commit to organize events in my city mainly due to time constraints. but seeing that no one has stepped up to help organize, Cesar Sevilla and I agreed to organize Ubuntu Hours to gather people in the area and have a group of people that can meet and grow to participate in LoCo related events. (Global Jams, LoCo Days). I am also trying to change the general aspecto fo the site. since it looks very 2007 (brown drupal theme ) but since it is kindly hosted by Canonical it takes work from the very busy sysadmins.


I have been keeping up with the latest from the project, from tecnical changes to the ever changing community structures and resources. Been a bit bumbed by some of those moves but confident that the focus of providing the best free and opensource software has to offer is the main goal and that stays intact which is important.


I have found a pasion for the plasma desktop and Kubuntu as a distro, I want to work hard and probably help. I have gotten to know pretty much every corner of it and I love it. one of the things I really appreciaty is how close they aree with KDE. Bug reporting makes me feel like I am definetelly helping the KDE project. Kudos to the Kubuntu Community.

Look forward to more regular updates.

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