New stable version of Turpial lands in PPAs

UPDATE: bug is fixed enjoy your turpial 1.3.3 🙂

Hello all

I wanted to do this for a few days, but my visit to XpoLinux in Barquisimeto kept me entretained. The new stable version of turpial, 1.3.3, is available in my launchpad ppas, both turpial and turpial-devel, for thouse of you who have already installed them, a simple update and upgrade will do (karmic, lucid, maverick).

For those who would like to configure the PPAs in their ubuntu boxes you can follow instructions in:

Turpial PPA: For general use.

Check the repository section in

turpial-devel PPA: testing archive with versions that have unstable features:

Check the instructions in

I can give a heads up on the integration, Wil Avarez indicated that testing of the API integration is happening as we speak and most users are incredibly happy with it.

I would like to take this oportunity to thank Wil, the Turpial devel team and the rest of the colaborators for the constant development of this app that have become dearly beloved by many.

2 Replies to “New stable version of Turpial lands in PPAs”

    1. We are working on turpials inclusion in debian, Hector Colina is going through the process of filling the bugs and the sort. He is the original mantainer of a different version of the pacakge.

      We have discussed and we are working on complimentary work for the packages, but Hector has been swmped with work recently and we haven’t talked about the progress, and I don’t want to look too pushy.

      Will push for Hector to speed things up.

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