Día del usuario Ubuntu ROCKED!!!

My Día del Usuario Ubuntu was a bit unusual, I was in the middle of my sister inlaw’s wedding. I was scheduled to give a talk about Kubuntu and how plasmoids give your desktop a breathe. I followed most of it through my cellphone and I must say I was really happy to see people turn up for the event.

I was 20 some minutes late for my talk and mostly because I had confused the timeslot. I was lucky enough to have my fellow Venezuelan Nelo Tovar text me. I pulled out my laptop and went to the very far side of the ballroom. I was able to conect via my phone and gave my talk.

My talk on plasmoids reflected my newly found love for KDE. I presented some plasmoids and many users, mostly gnome users where impressed by the idea and I think I have planted a seed just like ScottK and Mackenzie Morgan did at UDS a year ago. This kind of ripple effect is very successful and I do beleive this what makes KDE stand out from most desktop experiences.

I will refine my talk and probably have it ready for the next user day or even the next Ubuntu Open Week. I will try not to have a wedding in the middle of the whole thing 😛 . Cheers for Mary and Jack and Ubuntu User Days in Spanish.

mary and jack

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