MOTU Journey goes on and on… Now on my blog

Well, It’s been 3 years almost since I began my journey to become one. Along the way I have learned that it is not a matter of becoming, it is a matter of contributing to Universe. People on and off say that they want to become a MOTU but it is only with our actions that things take meaning.

I would like to express that even though I haven’t been writing much on the wiki. I have been trying to learn more and more every day. Since I began I have met some inspiring people that really motivate me to go forward. however I have been a little sidetracked :). Here are some of the things I have done but not documented:

  • Packaged something from scratch: I managed to package Turpial for Ubuntu. I ran into the oportunity to do something meaningful for the Venezuelan Community. Package a piece of software that is made in Venezuela. I am proud of the owrk done in Turpial and I am honored to have the oportunity to package it for Ubuntu. I have contacted the debian maintainer who is preparing the debian package and I have offered my help in finishing details.
  • I am now using PPA’s: distributing Turpial in a ppa has been a great experience. I think it is a very cool thing to count on and It has given me an easy way to distribute Turpial.
  • I have done some minor patch testing and I am looking to help out some more this cycle. there are some things I have learned about patching that I am sure will come in handy for many. and there is also a great initiative that makes this a great chance to contribute

I am more confident using and setting up my ubuntu dev tools every computer I get my hands on. I have decided to Move my progress to my blog, So stay tunned for by-weekly MOTU Journey Updates from this little fella.

3 Replies to “MOTU Journey goes on and on… Now on my blog”

  1. Good work dude, I’m planning to write a review about turpial on my site when it becomes stable. Right-now, it’s crashing while closing. I’ll include information about you & your PPA on that review. Good luck dude, already I recommended turpial to many of ubuntu friends. They are glad to use it, all of us are looking for stable & lists support. Hope you people include that in near future. Thank you.

  2. Oh i’m going to really look forward to reading these updates – and good luck too! You sound super committed which means you’re more than half the way there 😉

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