Turpial 1.3.2 alpha1 available in a Development Snapshot PPA

Dear all,

Will Alvarez and the rest of the Turpial developers have added more functionality to their awesome lightwight twitter client, however tha tcode is not ready for primetime yet. I have packaged their latest development milestone, Turpial 1.3.2 in a separate ppa , The Turpial Development PPA. lots of interesting new stuff in it and definetelly worth a try.

  • New and secure authentication management wizzard from within Turpial.
  • Support for Spanish, English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Taiwanese, French and more.
  • Added option to reply all
  • Preferences button in the login screen
  • Proxy support for Twitter’s API
  • General coding improvement
  • Added support for SigueMiLink in the URL shortener services
  • Spellcheck
  • Added dialog to add friends (friend list and name filter)
  • Added support for Yfrog, img.ly, mobypicture and twitgoo for uploading images.
  • Added support for zi.ma and ur1.ca URL shortner services
  • Turpial service API optimized, all services centralized
  • Implemented extended gtk view using webkit (gtk+)
  • Fixed minor bugs and added improvements in usability

There are several know issues regarding random failure pulling tweets and making status updates and Will and the gang are working hard on this and hope to make another stable release soon.

Adding the archive:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial-devel


sudo apt-get update

and ready to install Turpial

sudo apt-get install turpial

P.S. Check out the cool new Turpial Website 🙂 (Spanish only), Inminent identi.ca support is close there is a big campaign about it.

5 Replies to “Turpial 1.3.2 alpha1 available in a Development Snapshot PPA”

  1. Turpial is faster,lighter than any other twitter client, What I’m missing is ability to view my lists tweets. Looking for an improved version. Glad to know it has an english version. 🙂 Thanks for the great twitter client. Please make this PPA as an active one.

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