Ubuntu Open Week en Español closes on high note

The Spanish speaking community wrapped up its Ubuntu Open week. The IRC sessions offered the community a chance to learn, network and share. The event was organized by the Central American LoCo ninjas. Sessions covered topics like, new features in the different desktops, Community building, Documentation session, Bug triaging,General community orientation, and even a historial recap session highlighting all the achievements of Ubuntu as a project so far.

This Open Week featured the use of Lernid, which made joining much easier for people who had never used IRC before and ClaseBot, a ClassBot clone made ready by the great Nathan Handler and the ClassBot folks. A special session dedicated to feedback also gave users an open mic to express their opinions on the event. the session was very refreshing and energizing for the organizing party. It was a very interesting week filled with Ubuntu spirit for all participants. Looking forward to Ubuntu User Day.

4 Replies to “Ubuntu Open Week en Español closes on high note”

  1. Yeah! The Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish was great!

    I don’t understand something, why we r writing in English? haha

    Felicitaciones x la gran UOWES!

  2. Excellent week, excellent work. The sessions worthed each minute on line !

    Que se repita y felicitaciones a todos y cada uno de los que han colaborado para alcanzar este logro.

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