Una Fiesta MUY Lucida…

Last nights party in Maracaibo was nice, All of us who attended truly felt we are definitely part of something really important. We had the chance to network, have some beers and pizza. Some of us even brought our kids along. The place was magical, It offered us a very traditional and yet very sureal place to indulge into Ubuntu and Linux talks.

We had the chance to discuss all things Linux, not just Ubuntu and the influence we, as a LoCo Team, have had in our local Linux Community in Maracaibo. The overall feeling is that we have boosted quite positivelly the promotion of Ubuntu and Free Software in general in the region. It is always a pleasure to count on the never-ending support from the Local and Pioneer LUG in Venezuela, VELUG MARACAIBO,

Cesar and I active members of Ubuntu-ve in the region are planning more Ubuntu related events and It is good to count on more people. Newcomers like Jorge Urdaneta surely make us feel like we are in the right path to keep our city Ubuntu base growing. but also our commitment with the FOSS Movement can count on us in bringing more to FIX BUG N°1

Enjoy the small set of pictures I took from last night.

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