FLISOL 2010: Ubuntu-ve, Representing

I had the pleasure to attend FLISOL 2010 in Caracas, Venezuela. We had a very busy day but we were delighted to see  so many people installing Ubuntu. the Ubuntu-ve team is planning on following up on the people that too Ubuntu home today, to make transitioning more effective. Lot’s of people installed on pendrives and came for a burned copy of Ubuntu.  The real heroes were the ones who took Ubuntu home on this day.

It is also wonderful to be able to meetup with people that one loves because of their work.  Nelson and his family, Eduard, Nelo, Ricardo, Jaime and his family, Santiago, Alden, Katy, Cesar M, Camilo, Cesar B. It is very exciting to see all of us working together.

On the other hand i would like to express how happy we are to be able to colaborate with other FLOSS proyects who kindly shared with us on this day, People from Canaima, Fedora, Debian, the OpenSolaris community in Venezuela, Mundo Accesible, Turpial developers, EYEos (William Cabrera).

I leave you with some pics

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