Thank you Elky: My Ada Lovelace Post

For Ada Lovelace Day, I though I would share my story on how I became involved in the Ubuntu Proyect, How I joined the Venezuela Team. It was through the help of Melissa Drapper, the Australian heroine who helped ubuntu-ve regain its resources through an Ubuntu Open Week talk.

Ubuntu Venezuela had lost its IRC channel due to a fallout between members. It was Melissa’s Uninterested helping-hand that gave me the pat in the back I needed to be confident in contacting the key people involved in the issue and come to a satisfactory resolve. All of ubuntu-ve resources are now located in a place were we can be sure no individual interests can ever come before the teams interest.

Melissa also walked me through my period of LoCo Contact in Ubuntu-ve, She was my mentor. She offered counselling when things didn’t go as expected.  She is always there with words of wisdom for the Ubuntu-ve Team. Ubuntu Venezuela learned they were part of something bigger than just a Country team by sharing with Melissa. That made us strong enough to become an approved team and to continue on with that commitment.

Melissa’s Influence in my Ubuntu participation is seen in my interest for a true global community that goes beyond frontiers. Specially today, I would like to thank Melissa and all the other wonderful women in the FLOSS movement for making the community such a great place to be.

Melissa, I think Me and Ubuntu Venezuela haven’t thanked you enough. May you have a great Ada Lovelace.

P.S. I still have that polo shirt I promissed to send. 🙂

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