Block building echoes from memory…


A while back jono explained in detail who helped him in the Open Source world. I found that a very interesting story. Yesterday I had the chance to catch up with a very old and dear friend, Edmundo Carmona, he is too one of those heroes who very modestly keeps to himself, but his contributions to the Free and Open Source World and to Ubuntu in particular should not go unnoticed. He was the one that showed me almost 10 years ago that there was this thing called Gnu/Linux. Of course I had heard about Linux on the news, and of course I had heard it from other people but to have a familiar face tell you about it is what gave me the comfort to just dive in.

Edmundo and I worked in a bi-national center here in Maracaibo, Venezuela and we would teach English. on saturdays during coffee breaks we would geek out with Freddy Flores, another very pro gnu-linux/FOSS guru from the city. I was completely into the Microsoft developer world, learning VB in 1999 and Edmundo and Freddy were already telling me of how this was only training and that I was not learning at all. This was my first encounter with FOSS.

By 2005, Edmundo had stopped working at the bi-national center and the only chance to meet was crashing at his place and talking. We was a very busy person so his time was gold, and for him to share it with such a noob like me, really made me work hard on getting the basics right. I was not learning linux yet. I was only learning programming skills. and as I was leaving he suggested that I try this thing called Ubuntu, the new version had just been released (5.04 Hoary Hedgehog) and that it was ready for people like me. I did not head his call just right there. It took a couple of weeks later when I received a copy of Ubuntu in its shippit sleeve and all from a student at the bi-national center. That was life changing. The thing had come full circle. This had to mean something.

I installed Ubuntu and went to Edmundo’s and he was very receptive of my change and helped me get settled. What applications to use, and even mount my windows partition when windows stopped working (reason for my final dismissal of that OS). It was his confidence in Ubuntu that made me feel that that my choice could not be wrong. yesterday talking to him on IM, I realized that it’s been a while since I had spoken to the guy who made linux happen for me,since then he had moved to Colombia and got married and found a great job in the neighboring country. I had the chance yesterday to give him a very heart-felt THANK YOU for all he did for me when I was moving to linux. He feels it was not in vain. Edmundo lives in my memory like one of the greats in the FOSS…

Muchisimas gracias Edmundo por todo y estoy siempre a la orden en Maracaibo.



2 Replies to “Block building echoes from memory…”

  1. Thank you very much, Efraín. I’m so glad you gripped GNU/Linux with your heart, just like I had dome only some years before you. I thought my “effort” into you getting into GNU/Linux would pay up… and it did.

    Muchas gracias, Efraín. Estoy muy contento de que te hayas aferrado a GNU/Linux con el corazón, como yo mismi había hecho solo unos años antes. Yo pensaba que mi inversión para que entraras al mundo de GNU/Linux iba a valer la pena… y el tiempo me dio la razón.


    PS Isn’t that a hot dude on that pic?

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