Ubuntu Venezuela Team has a plan…

Yesterday, the Ubuntu-ve team made a great effort and had a meet up to celebrate Karmic’s release we had an awesome turn up. The highlight of this meeting was the plan we will be folloeing during the Lucid release cycle to improve as a LoCo team. As a member of the LoCo Council, I follow closely the great achievements of teams and one idea in the past month generated synergy for our team, the One-Year Ohio Team Plan.

After reading the suggestion from Jono to generate a roadmap for a more successful team I believe we have come up with a great scheme to make Ubuntu-ve rock harder than ever. Ubuntu-ve has decided to make a game plan based on our needs, and we basically need to concentrate on getting organized. We have grown a lot and we need to give a breath of fresh air to the team. We have new folks and old folks working together to make the team greater. Ubuntu-ve plans for Lucid is in spanish for now, but we are working towards getting it in English.


3 Replies to “Ubuntu Venezuela Team has a plan…”

  1. Hey Effie!

    I’m exited that the -va team is coming together! I am exited for you guys!

    I’d love to see how your road map comes out — I would love to see if I could apply any of it here state-side — I am honoured that you were able to find some use out of that post, it really shows how global Ubuntu really is.

    2010 will be a game changer, for sure! Let me know if you come up with anything, I would love to keep working on this!

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