Ubuntu Logo Snatched again?

Well I was reading ve.planetalinux.org, and Christian Sánchez found the Ubuntu Logo in a very unsual setting. A party planner / Sound Rental company somewhere in Venezuela.

I was quick to contact the company through the CMS built in contact, but they suggest also that I call, and I will :D. I am curious about their response.

The Text I sent:

“Greetings receive the Ubuntu project which I represent.

I would like to bring your consent that the logo you have to promote
the “D’gala  Delux” brand is the logo which since 2004 has
identified in our project called Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntu.com). We can understand perhaps you have paid for the design of a logo for
that mark, but really to use our logo infringes our trademark policy (http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy)

We ask you to re design the logo of the trademark “D’gala Delux” considering that our logo is a registered trademark.

The community in Venezuela will guarantee
to enforce the rights of a trademark. http://www.ubuntu-ve.org

Many thanks ”

This has happened before, please do comment on your cases, they can come in handy if I need to be more convincing

3 Replies to “Ubuntu Logo Snatched again?”

  1. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with trademark law, but this does not infringe the Ubuntu trademark since they have nothing to do with computers or operating systems.

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