Maracaibo’s Ubuntu Open House


Wanting to spend time with my cool ubuntu buddies, I made a call for us to meet to carry out the first Ubuntu Open House. The idea was simply to share and collaborate with Ubuntu and be prepared for the Global Jam October.

First I went to a linux meet-up at doral mall. After that we went to my house where we shared about ubuntu bug triaging, and translations, documentation and promotion. The experience of sharing with the buds on how we do things within Ubuntu has been quite rewarding.

Many discovered that beginning is not as difficult as they originally thought. C3s4r touched 4 bugs in his first contribution. Cesar was motivated to go on and now he feels confident enough to help with bug triaging.
The pizzas were by my mother where a treat and I think we’re going to do another Open House soon. Maybe in the city of Caracas.

I encourage you to open your homes and run this simple kind of events 😀

To see more photos check my picasa album.

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