Ubuntu Open House in Maracaibo

After Reading, the “Preparation” section of the Ubuntu Global Jam wiki page, I decided to put together a small gathering of Ubuntu Enthusiasts in my house. you might call this “Ubuntu Open House”. The idea is simple. I open up the house for people to share ubuntu experiences and later we can see how we can colaborate for the Jam in October. The living room area is quite big so I believe we can acomodate about 20 people and their laptops or pcs. We are also planing on baking some pizza and have a couple of beers.

I am putting together 2 lightning talks to introduce two aspects of the Global Jam and two more slots are available for any other attendee who wants to stand up and share something.

I have translated two wikipages into Spanish so that the Spanish-speaking communities can also join the Global Jam Fun. check them out and make them better. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/ES and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/ES.

What: Ubuntu Open House Maracaibo

Where: Maracaibo Venezuela

When: August 1st

What time: 4 pm until …

For details, check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VenezuelaTeam/Maracaibo/PreGJ2009

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