Calling all LoCo Teams!

As we continue to integrate the LoCo Directory ( with launchpad, We have
sent invitations out to most of the teams in to the laucnhpad team created The LoCo Council urges all LoCo team contacts to verify that their respective team gets invited to join. If the team does not have a launchpad team please  see and
start one and send the teams name my way  effie-jayx AT ubuntu DOT com

Individual members of the team do not need to apply. They are indirect members of the team. ~locoteams is intended to be for LoCo teams only, as it will serve data to the LoCo Directory. Do not apply as a launchpad user. It is strictly “Teams Only”.
if you want to express your LoCo advocacy, please consider joining…

If you have further questions please contact me or any other LoCo Council Member.

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