Ubuntazo time!

While I was at UDS, the formidable Ubuntu Venezuela team delivered an event to follow up on the successful run on FLISOL 2009. the name of the event is UBUNTAZO (Ubuntu Blast). It was held Saturday May 23rd and it featured a set of talk that shared basic knowledge on basic ubuntu daily usage and fostered participation in the community through joining the Ubuntu-ve team.

It was held at he Simon Rodriguez Public Library in the center of Caracas, Venezuela and over 60 people cam to share experiences with the ubuntu-ve community in Caracas.

Thanks to the invaluable support from the people at Simon Rodriguez Library. Ubuntazo is scheduled for a second round this upcoming June 27th for more check the ubuntu wiki page

Kudos: Nelson Delgado, Cecilia Calabria, Andres Thieles, Jaime Escobar, Camilo Torres, Juan Hernandez Enrique Carpenter, Kathie Quintero, Reina Escobar y Jean Piero Lombardo for organizing such great event for the community to share and fokeeping the spirit of ubuntu alive and kicking.


PS: you can find more pictures at Nelson Delgado’s Picasa Gallery

3 Replies to “Ubuntazo time!”

  1. It worries me that the first thing I noticed is that some of the balloons on the wall are pinned the wrong way round…

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