UDS is all about great community work.

The work being done at UDS s just amazing, I am mainly focusing on following some stuff I had been working on before I came here. The community track has keep me busy and I feel delighted to be able to contribute to great ideas for the Karmic release. In a series of blog posts I will be highlighting all the awesome work done in the sessions that I attended during these week. Feel free to check out gobby.ubuntu.com using gobby to check for notes and follow up on the great work being done by the community.

Focus on Community

My work these first three days has been keeping up with all things related to community. I have attended sessions that are oriented towards improving LoCos and fostering more participation in ubuntu development from my very initial point of contribution.

Improving LoCo team events

LoCo team events have always rocked, from release parties, participation in Free software events, to bug and packaging jams. However, there is always room for improvement. This sesion brought in ideas that will definetely energize them.

Interesting ideas.

* The idea of generalizing bug jams to make teams focus on their needs or desires.

* Streaming more events online to exchange live experiences from teams around the globe.

* Reinforce the “Anyone is welcome to join” spirit in every Ubuntu Community event no matter how tecnical it the event might sound. If your grandma wants to join an event and she only knows how to bake cookie, that should make attendants happy :D.

* Use the same meeting / sprint feature used in launchpad to register people for events.

UP NEXT: Refocusing the Ubuntu Spirit

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