Jaunty MEME: Is it out yet?

Well it is almost release time for Jaunty and you know what that means, I wish I had a dime for evertime people ask the question “Is it out yet?”. and the many repsonses from people in the room are really creative and cool.


  • Answer the question in the most creative way

Considering it is NOT out yet, what is your answer?

r: It is NOT out, and every time you ask the question The Release Team delays Jaunty  2 more hours.

P.S. the idea of this post is not to promote the question in ubuntu IRC channels. as it results in kicks and/or bans.

P.S.S. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a bot count the number of times it counted the question? 😀

2 Replies to “Jaunty MEME: Is it out yet?”

  1. It may not be out yet – but boy it’s sure shaping up to be an awesome release. I’ve been running since Alpha 5 and I haven’t really encountered *any* issues in my personal usage at all – aside from Gwibber no longer working w/ Twitter, but that’s a well-known issue that is known upstream and affects multiple (all) distro’s.

    But yeah – it does suck seeing the question over and over again in IRC…

  2. Answer: “It’s been out for months. Why aren’t you using it already?”

    Ubuntu releases always seem very anti-climatic to me, because I’m always on the “new” distro before the official release date.

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