Init Health Challenge

Well, I have joined the John P. Health Challenge health challenge (@JohnPoz on twitter). I found out about it via twitter and It looks like it is a goal I can achieve easily.

Here are the Rules

  1. Almost completely eliminate sugar from the diet. No more candy, Coke, or other sugary drinks. In fact, nothing but water! One Coke and one candy bar per week are allowed.
  2. Decrease food portions by 40-50% for all meals. Instead of eating whatever looks good, stop eating after you feel full. (Overall, I want to consume half the calories I used to.)
  3. Snack all you want, but only fruit or nuts are allowed!
  4. Exercise every single day. This doesn’t mean long exercise daily. It means frequent bursts of exercise. Pushups and situps as many times a day as you can squeeze them in. Whatever you are capable of, just lots of it!

My initial weight is  237.6 lbs (108 kg).  so it is about time I started doing something about it.

Join in!

9 Replies to “Init Health Challenge”

  1. Eat your veggies! Michael Pollan’s rules are “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” and IMO that works great. The chunk of my family that eats a mostly vegetarian diet looks great. The chunk that still eats land-critter meat every day…well my dad is finally *down* to 260lb after 3 years of exercising 3 or 4 times a week and cutting out soft drinks (but keeping meat).

    Good luck!

  2. Well, good luck there buddy, and keep posting on updates, so we can cheer you up on success.

    I’m afraid I can’t participate as I have been doing all these things for the past what, four years now? The results are clearly visible, although I’ve hit a point where I should probably consider breaking rule #2 a bit, since currently, I’m at 70 kg with a height of 184 cm. A bit on the slim side. 🙂

  3. Careful! That’s a poor choice for a ‘healthy’ challenge. It can be quite dangerous to your body to mix all those activities together at once. Cut meal sizes is great, but don’t start an exercise regime at the same time if your body is not used to it (read: your exercised regularly before). Until you get the right mix of meals sizes and food types, then adding in new exercise could mean you are not getting enough of the required iron, fibre, minerals etc. that is required for your new found exercise. And if this occurs, your body will go into ‘starvation’ mode and simply turn what little food it does get into fat stores so that it can sustain your new exercise regime. Take it easy with the exercise as first and then slowly ramp it up as both your muscles get used to it, and your able to tell when your not feeling quite right and need more food to sustain the exercise.

  4. @ Jason, thanks for the advice I shall keep that in mind. I am doing only 30 sit ups and 15 pushups. nothing big but it is a start. I shall try to get lots of fiber in my diet.

    @Shkodran thanks for yur support, I shall post my updates.

    @mackenzie, oh I love vegetables, I shall try to eat more of them.

    thank you all again for your comments and suggestions

  5. Si ese carajo conociera los patacones, las arepas maracuchas, las mandocas y las galletas de huevo, la dieta seria muy distinta …

  6. If you’re eating your veggies, fibre shouldn’t be difficult to find 😉 Vegetarian chili (red beans, chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms), stir fries (tofu, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms) served with brown rice, tempeh/polenta/spinach (see ) …those are the staples of my diet. And they’re delicious and full of fibre and protein.

    I actually eat a mostly vegan diet, so what I eat is quite a bit more strict than I imagine you’d want, but a few vegetarian nights a week are good for ya 😉 And without changing how much I eat or ever getting off my lazy ass, I lost 15 pounds the year I dropped meat, ice cream, milkshakes, and milk (but continued to eat cheese).

  7. Dar Mackenzie, I am seriously considering it. It sounds very tempting and the recipes look very tempting. I am going to try for a week.

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