VENTO has logo… PHP porting done…


Well, a couple of weeks back. I decided to clean up some code I had in a drawer somewhere and shape it into a project. It’s name is VENTO and event management system that makes the work a breeze. It seems this anouncement has generated lots of interest in many people around the globe. good expectations.

I have finished porting my php code to django and I have pushed this code to a bazaar branch in launchpad.  Unfortunately it is far from perfect but close to usable, but we will get there. I have already begun registering some blueprints to make VENTO the Event Management System that is simple to use and done right.

VENTO can currently do registration for an event. this app in the proyect is called reggie. It is the first and only stage developed so far. it provides and idea of what VENTO is going to be.

I would like to invite you to try vento and propose your ideas in the form of blueprints and if you are very serious about helping out in the development of this great project. Show us what you got and join the dev-team.

Results from the VENTO LOGO SEARCH

Well, this was a tough one but we have a winner

1st place by Joaquín Herrera ( joaclint istgud  )

vento winner

2nd Place from Chris Tomalty

A big thank to all the others who participated

I would like to thank: Gerardo Curiel Chris Tomalty, Shkodra Gerguri, Santiago Zarate and Hanen Ben Rhouma for support and contributions. Look forward to working with you even more.

5 Replies to “VENTO has logo… PHP porting done…”

  1. Well check the, it must be an authentication error with the gmail account you are using.

    Hope that helps

  2. Amazing artwork, Efrain. But you put me to shame, really – I didn’t get in touch with you lately, AND I haven’t checked out the sources yet.

    Well, looks like it’s time I fixed that!

  3. I’m going to have a look into this, we’re running our Ubuntu LoCo website on django and the event code I tried to write wasn’t that stable. If I can haul this in it’s place, so much the better.

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