My Linux talk at Revolutions

Revolutions is a 3 day event where gamers in the city gather to just play videogames. This year organizers put together a showcase of different elements asociated with gamers. They brough cosplay, Airsoft, a Kung Fu demonstration, a windows 7 talk and a Linux talk.

Well a couple of weeks back I had received an invitation to come and give a talk about (Gnu/) Linux in general.  Inspite the audience being gamers and power user, I think It turned out very well. Many people were just in awe with the linux desktop experienced and were shocked at the fact that we can actually play some of their games. WoW and EVE. Call of Duty 4 and the like.

I made sure they saw not just Ubuntu, but to see that there we many choices to be made apart from the simple browser and media player. I showed the different grafical interfaces they could use and explained the idea behind distros. I had the change to meet up with some of the guys from my lug and we had a great time. The organizers of the event were very pleased with our performance throught the event and have promissed to have us back for more.

I leave you with some pictures

You can check out more pictures from the revolution site

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