Vento is born… Logo needed…


Behold!!! Vento is born, It will eventually be an Event Management System along the lines of pentabarf and many others but simpler and written in Django.

For a while now I have done volunteer work for an NGO that promotes English Language Teaching. This participation has led me to put forward lots of Free and Open Source Projects which have been very usefull to the organization. This NGO is very event driven. Lost of conferences around the country and I had some small php web app I wrote about 3 years ago that handled basic event registration and attendee-tracking. there was a great need to refresh some of the code and what better way than rewrite it in Django..

So I made my first push to a branch. Not much to see yet but do expect some big changes as I _need_ to get an initial release out in time to meet registration dates for our next event.

I still need to set up more resources for this app and if you are interested in hoping in just drop me a line.

Looking for a Logo for Vento

Vento was just born today and it has no Logo. Here is a great chance to give a logo to what might be a great Free Software Project.

Some key words that might describe what we are trying to express, Wind (Viento, Vento). Event, swift, fast, light, simple, talks, registration.

Please send your logo ideas and proposals to effie DASH jayx AT ubuntu DOT com.

image licenced

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