Share an UBUNTU 9.04 JAUNTY ISO download with the Facebook croud


Hey all, Long time no post. Well it seems I find lots of Ubuntu Community people here and there in social networks. I want to share with you this little mod of a popular app in FACEBOOK. If you detest the idea of using FACEBOOK, you can move along. There is nothing interesting here.

If you are interested in shraing linux with the not-so-linux crowds in facebook,Check out GNU/LINUX CD’s. This facebook app is very useful to tell your non linux friends that there is something they might want to try.

Many people are already using it and it here are a few cool ideas on how to use it:

1) Send them a gift, and in the message box attach the iso link for them to download it and  a link on how to burn it.

2) Send them a gift, and if you plan to meet them later in the week, impress them by bringing along a burned copy of Ubuntu 9.04. and your gift was not just a gift on the internet

Come up with your own…

there is no posible way of knowing howmany new people will join us as ubuntu users but if out of a thousand people we get ten new users. that’s possitive.

There’s no better gift that the gift of freedom

7 Replies to “Share an UBUNTU 9.04 JAUNTY ISO download with the Facebook croud”

  1. Hi, nice application, using it already to send CDs around.
    There is just an annoying mistake in the name of the application: the plural of CD is CDs, not CD’s. Can you still correct that? Looks a bit unprofessional.

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