Kipina: Bug Fixed.. but really fixed?

Ok, So I was working on a bug in Kipina and it turns out that a way of fixing it is by changing a variable in the .configure file of the source code. A fix that is very intrusive and seem very Debian specific, aparently it wouldn’t have been that bad in other distros.

The issue was reported by me as I noticed that Kipina was not preloading the data that it uses for populating several combo boxes. With the help of several People I was able to stop the issue. Kipina was looking for the xml file in /usr/etc and it was installed in /etc. to fix this I needed to change in the configure file:


where prefix was obviously /usr, the brick wall I ran into is reduced to the fact that the package currently does not use a patch system, and asking several people, the suggested way is through a patch, but Me as an Ubuntu contributor _should not_ introduce a patch system becuase I should wait for this to happen in Debian first. If I were to introduce a patch system, the debian maintainer may not agree on the one used and the duplication efforts will not be benefitial at all.

Since tha package is orphan in debian, I have requested ownership of the ITA bug for Kipina in Debian, This seems a package that I could maintain.

I would appreciate any suggestion you can make.

stay tuned for more

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