“It’s name is …” MEME

Well let’s see if I can get this MEME started… I want to share why I named it

My machine’s name is felicia after Felicia Day, she is a pretty well known actress and internet celeb. She is well known for her acting role in Buffy the Vampire’s slayer and much more recently her acting / writing and producing in the webisodes promoted on youtube “The Guild” and her appearances in  “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”. She is a very smart and cool lady that can Kick some serious butt at WoW and the likes.

Other pc’s I own are Marisa (after Marisa Tomei), Marilyn (after Marilyn Monroe) and the office webserver is Valeria (after my Daughter). I tend to do it in this fashion after a friend’s idea of naming his pc’s after famous female singers. Shirley (after Shirley Manson from Garbage). I thougt it was pretty cool to give a lady’s name to a machine. It’s a compliment.

I actually have Felicia’s picture in the background of my terminal. check the desktop pick…

felicia... my laptop...

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