Patent sharks at it again…

Remember this Microsoft guy?, he said patents were international indicators of a nation’s knowledge, therefore, Software patents were of great help to our nation.I still remeber this nonsense.

Reading this article, I learned that  Microsoft along with Sony lost a patent lawsuit involving their controller development to a company that simply does nothing, just hold the patent. It’s Nintendo’s turn and they are willing to fight it in court claiming those patents are just “BROAD”. there you have it another example of how patents are killing innovation. There is definetelly a path towards a solution and reading this article shed some light at the end of the tunnel.


4 Replies to “Patent sharks at it again…”

  1. Sorry to steal some of your thunder, but the Anascape lawsuit is for a general hardware patent, not a software patent. However, I will agree that it is a junk patent to begin with.

    “Variable Sensor with Tactile Feedback?” You might as well sue the creator of the brake pedal.

  2. Patents are a mechanism in the “first to come takes all” model, then you fence your idea and set loads of lawsuits. If it is broad enough, then you can potentially sue a lot of people, and it becomes the primary revenue path for lots of shady companies. Maybe it was a way to protect innovation in the past. Nowadays it works just to stifle innovation. It is a cancer and as such, I expect it to be eradicated.

    Los de microsoft me la pueden ir chupando porque en Europa no vamos a permitir las patentes de software y porque cada día hay mas gente que entiende lo que es el software libre, y lo que realmente significarían las patentes de software

  3. OK! I’ll refuse to patent my invention.

    Then someone will come along, patent it for me, and demand money from me!


    No thanks, I’ll make myself a defense patent portfolio =)

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