W00T: Silkroad 1.55 with my brother’s Ubuntu…. with WINE 1.0

Silkroad in my Ubuntu

Well I was at my parents, and My younger brother and I were playing our usual weekend football match on a video console when I decided to boot his Ubuntu box (my brother dualboots) and we were discussing why he hadn’t made the switch, He argued that it was some online games like (Silkroad and MAPLE SOTRY). Well wouldn’t you know it I “WINED” his Silkroad Install on his windows machine… and here is the end result… I can play.

Some minor sprites missing here and there but it surely is playable…

8 Replies to “W00T: Silkroad 1.55 with my brother’s Ubuntu…. with WINE 1.0”

  1. Congratulations!
    So, how do you about to “Wine” an application? I tried to do the same thing just a few days ago, but the result was miserable. The graphics ended up so lousy the application was in effect useless.

  2. well Actually. My brother dualboots… so I just navigated to were he keeps his exe’s in his windows partition and I right-clicked and I chose open with WINE. and it started. worked ok but a little glitch on the water rendering. the rest is prety playable

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t even visit the Silk Road site in Ubuntu. (without tricking it into thinking you’re running IE on Windows)

  4. so you just happened to be lucky that silkroad can be run on wine… lol wtf
    i though there’s technical thing to be done in order to run it

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