Software Freedom Day 2008

Well, like I mentioned before, It was only last year when I heard about this wonderful global event. Natalie Colina and Rodrigo Rodriguez (both members of a LUG in Paraguana, GULIP) told me about this oportunity to promote more aournd my city, also to show a sign of unity and true world wide community. They participated in SFD 2006 in the city of Paraguana. So They encoureged me to sign up a team last year. so SFD-IGLURBE was born. it was then 2 team in Venezuela last year. Many teams in Latin America celebrated, Costa Rica did a fantastic job. the Nicaragua Team really organized and award winning day :D. Last year was a fantastic year  for Software Freedom Day Enthusiasts. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.

I am glad to see that this year Venezuela has 4 teams registered. Falcon has a team and it is thier third time celebrating. Maracaibo is back for its second year after a very successful event last year. and It is the newcomers. Caracas and Valencia that will definetely help raise more awareness.

We are still fine tuning what the activity will be this year in Maracaibo. But if it all goes as planned we should have a very nice demonstration of what can be done with community on our side.

This time around I thank Nathalie and Rodrigo for introducing me to a project that I sherish and I shall continue participating in it since it brings us all together around the globe. Plan an event in your area, Join us now… follow the StartGuide.

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