Ubuntu-ve LoCo Team Contact Change

Santiago Zarate: New LoCo team Contact of UBUNTU-VE

After having celebrated the 2nd aniversary of the Venezuela Team. I am pleased to announce that Santiago Zarate has taken up the position of LoCo team contact of the Venezuela LoCo team. I have worked along side Santiago for the last 8 months and all the Community Council of the Venezuela Team has unanimously agreed on him carrying on the work.

For the last ten months Santiago and I have worked together and I must say his energy and determination really empowers our community. He has served as an OP in the IRC channels and has provided support on the Mailing list and forums of the team. Much more recently almost single-handedly organized the Second Aniversary Party of our LoCo team in Caracas (lot’s of people are still hungover, wait for the pictures).

It is also good to know that this is the third time the team has changed contact and it has been a healthy and fairly fluid transitioning process. the new contact will count with the support from me as a past contact should he need anything.

Congratulations Santiago and keep up the great work

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