2 years of Ubuntu-ve

“<rolando-ve> btw! Happy Birthday UBUNTU-VE ”
-Rolando Blanco

I can tell you that we have reached our second year. I think all LoCo teams can share thought on how much work it’s put to go and share Free and Open Source Software to all with the best of intentions and the most unselfish volunteer work. To serve those who seek for a little aid.

It has been 2 years of growth and we can be proud of that, The loCo team Ubuntu-ve has establish itself as a collective of people willing to share “humanity to others” wherever we might be. We hope that this year we can  generate more participation and be throughout Venezuela.

We close two years of continuous work, and I long with great emotion for our participation in the years ahead. It is an honor to be part of this Local Community and to be working alongside some great people.

Many thanks to all those who started this team, and thank you very much to all members that today make up this great community. and a Special Mention to all Neighboring LoCo teams in Latin America for their fantastic work, It is their Sinergy that definetely keeps participation fresh.

4 Replies to “2 years of Ubuntu-ve”

  1. Well, My Uncle is called Ernesto Valles and his son is Juan Ernesto, I have a half nephew in Italy his name is Luis Eduardo and he is living in Napoli with his mama.

    Thanks for the good wishes…

  2. This message is for Ernesto Valles, Ernesto Valles from Maracaibo, that attended Montverde Academy in the 70s with Coco Gutierrez and myself.
    cheers, atilio

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