FLISOL – 2008 Venezuela.

Like Leandro in Nicaragua, the Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre, FLISOL was MASSIVE in my city (Maracaibo). I also I also spoke with people in other cities, like Merida and Caracas, Barquisimeto and we did have quite a turn up for the event. I was involved in the organization in my city and we had very kind sponsors and volunteers for the event.

FLISOL is a yearly event where people bring their machines and they get in touch with the community. Not only do they install a Free OS or free aplications on their computers, but volunteers also share tips and tricks and people get to see the community in action. Demostrations really blow people away. Presentations on really useful stuff. Lots of people just come to wonder what this Free Software is all about and they take more than they bargained for, if you know what I mean.

Ubuntu-ve in FLISOL, well the team decided to massively support the organizers of FLISOL in Venezuela and we organized ourselves in little sub teams to volunteer in the cities where the event was happening, we had members in Merida, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Caracas, Maracaibo. and that was very cool to see ubunteros-ve heeding the call for active involvement in promoting K/ED/X/UBUNTU large and wide. The team took local mirrors of hardy (assuggested by the Colombian and the Ecuador Teams) and that made our install que very short. we had a group of volunteers helping install and people were delighted to have the oportunity to learn something new. I also gave a talk on  the TOP 5 apps for the linux desktop. I considered this a basic talk on 5 apps you can’t really live without and it was oriented to desktop users. People in the crowd felt really involved. I should have pictures from all the cities soon.

Thanks to the Organizers of FLISOL in Venezuela and in Latinamerica  for providing Unity towards our shared goal. and from Venezuela, I salute all other Latinamerican LoCo teams helping out in FLISOL.

More Pics … here

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