Well, It’s been a while since my last post. I have been working hard with the ubuntu-ve team to get the polo shirts ready for upcoming events and try to organize the team in order to participate in the next couple of weeks. Yesterday In Maracaibo, we had CNSL, Congreso Nacional de Software Libre. Next week in all Latin American countries (and now spain too), we have FLISOL, which is a Latin American Install fest. and Both events being just a week apart in my city. So in different cities the Ubuntu-ve team is organizing a little activity to help out those that are just starting out with ubuntu.


In Maracaibo CNSL wrapped up yesterday. UBUNTU-VE just ROCKED. We copied Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Ubuntu / Edubuntu cd’s in both live and alternate, we handed out flyers with the team info for further contact and we handed out install instructions to attendees(spanish) and the flavors of ubuntu flyers, which explains the different versions of ubuntu. We also had a small install table, where people brought their desktops and laptops and  installed Ubuntu.  Basically the Ubuntu-ve team took the.

Unfortunatelly I do not carry good pictures with me, my camera batt was low, as things got busier I just coundt take any pictures anymore. all I have is my cellphone pics but as soon as I get more I will post them :D.


El Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre is next week, and Hispanic LoCo teams in Latin America are heeding the call and we have shared ideas and we are looking forward to helping as many people as we can next Saturday (April 26th).  We will have a local mirror of hardy fully set up for people to install. We salute all LoCo teams promoting in FLISOL and the organizers of the events for bringing together efforts to promote FOSS. Here is the plan of what will go on in FLISOL MARACAIBO 2008

Other talks I attended this week.

they greet eachotherme talking

I had the chance to see a student debate between free and open source software  and propietary software but this time it was young college students the ones who took on the roles and I think the outcome was fantastic. at the end I was invited on stage to share with Octavio Rossel, GLoVE (GNU/LINUX Organizado en Venezuela) and FSF-LA Council Member to close the event. It was a great experience, and I leave you with pictures from that event.

Advocacy is the name of the game this week… 😀

P.S. More MOTU work well on it’s way…

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