Going to school part 2: International Day.

Today, I had the chance to go back to the school I am advocating FOSS in a school project called “Technology Ripples”, a project his school will be sharing with other schools in other countries. Today was a special day for the school, it was International day. Kids get to exchange on really interesting topics, Poverty and Hunger, Digital divide amongst some of the ones that really caught my eye. I have been working hard his past week in getting Edubuntu on these machines and that’s probably why you see that I have been a little absent from the IRC. the young ones made the presentation of the project really worthwhile. Being able to share what Charlie and Pad (Teachers from the School) and I have learned with the kids can’t simply not be expressed in words.

The kids couldn’t believe a second generation Pentium I machine was running 2008 software (Xubuntu / Edubuntu packages). A Pentium Celeron with a 32 MB graphics card could offer a 3D desktop and that the PC they have at home could really be a computer from the future, If and only if they used a linux-based operating system. Kids were hyped about the presentation and they were bringing in more friends and even their parents to see. The main idea was to get more PC donations and general awarness on the use of FOSS.

Curious thing, This young boy looks like the little brother of CHICAGO LOCO TEAM very own Martinez Brothers (Freddy and Eddie) :P. He has been trying to get linux on his Playstation 3. when asked why he replied with a simple “I just want to take my gaming machine beyond, make it a computer”. He had already done research on how to accomplish this with FEDORA. Imagine mi reaction… simply SPEECHLESS.

The fun thing about this is in helping other we help ourselves. kids are considering switching OS’s. These computers will be delivered to the school in a month’s time. I am really looking forward to this. We are currently planning with teachers there. and I shall keep you al posted in part 3 of this story.

Charles Nicholas (Arts Teacher) – Efrain Valles (LoCo team contact for Ubuntu Venezuela)

two happy FOSS advocates 😀

watch the video interview with Charlie and Nelson

Hunger and Poverty

Entrance to the classroom

In the International day, I attended an activity organized by the senior students from this school. They prepared an excellent activity which consisted of a presentation on poverty and hunger and a banquette. the participants where parents, teachers, friends.The decorations in the room not only gave it ambiance, it also provided with very keen messages for the people participating.

The students presented the issue with real detail, the images talked for themselves. The delivering was excellent, the youngsters made their point without missing a bit.


The tables are set

For the banquette, The attendees picked a ticket, and they were seated in tables which had an interesting arrangement, it really made it interesting. Out of 30 people only 5 got to sit in the full course meal ( entrée , main dish, dessert), 15 people would represent the middle-class and they had only sandwich and a soda. Another table of 5 would represent the poverty-stricken class, they would have crackers and water. and the critical poverty table just had 3 packs of crackers. Each sit would have statistical information on the situation of each table. so it was interesting just to walk around the tables and read the facts.

Pick a ticket!

Take a sit!

Kudos to the Seniors and Padmini Sankaran on the preparation and delivery of this very interesting experience.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.” -Mother Teresa

“Hunger makes a thief of any man.” -Pearl S. Buck

How can you help?

Visit: http://www.thehungersite.com

If you care enough, check this sites out:












Many lessons learned this Saturday morning… this is what Ubuntu is all about.
You can check all the pictures here

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One Reply to “Going to school part 2: International Day.”

  1. Hello there!
    really interesting site! we happen to have the same idea and are trying to finish our first project!

    Our site is in greek only but there is a translation on the way:)

    Till now we contacted a school on a remote island and made them the offer, and found 2-3 pcs to work on! We’re planning to get to the place in May and make a small presentation of Linux and some basic programs!

    Anyway, free greetings from greece! and keep up the good job 🙂

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