Going to school! part 1

Avocating in schools is something I have always been interested in. In my early advocacy work, I visited a school taht was interested in reincorporating some legacy hardware and donating it to less privileged school. I spoke to them about Edubuntu and the different scenarios of how this might be possible. they were delighted and htey even invited me to visit a class of “Information Technology in a Global Society”, I came and spoke to them about the Ubuntu project as a whole and made special mention of Edubuntu. I have come to talk to teachers and even the principal of the school. You could we have stablished a very good relationship.

After a year, the school and I have presented a very interesting project. we are planning on taking some of this machines with Edubuntu to a school in a rural area. It will certainly mean a lot to me. to know that little kids that have no access to PC’s will now use probably the best learning platform. The high-school students are all hyped as well. they have studied the digital divide all this week. and they have expressed that it will be something they want to share on a special day called “International day”.

The work has begun, we have already set up 5 computers that are going to be shipped to a school, but I still have 7 to go. This is a facinating setting, Me / Linux / Legacy hardware. and working with them has been a breeze. We should be shipping them next month with and I am thrilled with the thought of the children hacking on tux paint and gcompris.

The only bad thing is that I am unable to get a decent internet connection. aparently the proxy server (on windows) makes it impossible for me to down
load packages through http, aparently it’s an isa authentication issue. but fortunately Edubuntu comes fully equiped (server cd and add-on cd), and for further installs I’ll setup a local mirror.

Funny thing, the school wanted to donate machines with Edubuntu. now they are considering getting some Edubuntu for the school. 😀

Great thanks to the Edubuntu team, (Richard, Oliver and the gang). You help teachers make a difference. Thanks to Padmini for her inspiration and for her determination. You are the best teacher I have ever had.

The work continues, Stay tuned for more. for the rest of the pictures check here.

My 5 today: #181899 (synaptic), #176631 (ubuntu), #183247 (firestarter), #183180 (ttf-mgopen), #180649 (sound-juicer)
Do 5 a day – every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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