MOTU Journey: taking a page from someone’s MOTU log

Initially, I started my MOTU Journey diary or log by reading a series of entries that Jonathan Carter’s had written when he was trying out for MOTU. Many other people have started writing their own plan with hopes of becoming MOTU’s and reading reading some of the logs, I learned that I need to check out some of these things myself. and that I guess is what makes this great. I feel like we are all travelerś taking different roads, what someone learns in their path is something I can learn as well. as I get ready for packaging something new. I checked the logs for Francisco, Murat , Maruiz and Chris initially and I can say I got a good idea of where to start looking if I am headed for packaging something new. Thank you guys. and I guess things come full circle.  I am what I am because of what we all are…

Fellow Ubuntu-ve member, Francisco Calderon was so inspired that he invited some friends to share what he has learned, we could say he had a little impromntu beginner’s package jam with pizza included. 😀


I am looking forward to repeating this in another cities

more pictures of Francisco’s jam here

My 5 today: #195007 (gnome-panel), #191838 (epiphany-browser), #193637 (epiphany-browser), #149419 (hal), #194199 (gnome-terminal)
Do 5 a day – every day!

2 Replies to “MOTU Journey: taking a page from someone’s MOTU log”

  1. Hah! I nearly forgot about those MOTU logs, but I haven’t forgotten about going for MOTU! Just been a tough few months/years time-wise. Hopefully I’ll become a MOTU this year still!

    /me crosses thumbs

  2. The links for Maruiz and Chris above both point to the same place.

    Thanks for mentioning my log. Keep up the good work.


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