Ok I hear ll this talk about five… and i am beginning to connect the dots:

1) The first version of ubuntu I tried and installed was 5.04 (hoary)…. (FIVE)

2) This is LUG RADIO’s fifth season….. (FIVE)

3) Before I got married, I lived in apartment 5B  (FIVE)

4) I first used a computer when I was five. (FIVE)

5) My daughter is 5 years old. (FIVE)

That can only mean one thing.  must start doing 5-a-day…

What is 5-A-Day?
We, that means everybody, will do 5 bugs a day - every day. With only
five bugs that everybody looks at every day, we will cover a lot of ground.

What you can do? That's up to you, your interests and your abilities.
 - If you're a developer, you can help out reviewing patches and getting
them uploaded.
 - If you want to just confirm new bugs, you can do that.
 - If you have experience with a certain package and want to triage bugs
you can do that and forward them upstream if necessary.
 - If you know your way around Ubuntu quite well, you can help assign
bugs to the right package.

What you need to do to participate?
 - Do it! Follow the instructions on the 5-A-Day homepage [0]
 - Spread the word by adding your 5 a day to your mailing list posts [1]
 - Add them to your blog posts (join [2] if
you're interested)

[2] (follow the instructions on

I am starting monday

P.S.  there also … the fifth Beatle and when I finished this post, marron 5 started playing…. all roads lead to… 5

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