MOTU Journey Update: My first update… Kipinä

Well, I am happy I could pull it off. I upgraded a package that was a bit abandoned. the version in ubuntu was unsupported by upstream so I tried hard on this one. The application got moved from 0.1.1 to 0.2.2. It proved a challenge and I have written about it in my MOTU journey log. I would appreciate any help reading through and seeing where I could have done better. Also any tips regarding shaping the package a bit more and it would help me in my skills as well.

I am completly uncertain about the future of the package (the package is orphan in debian and upstream) . but one thing is for sure… we got the latest from upstream in hardy.

Thanks for all the support.

P.S. I have updated my MOTU schedule… next up… packaging something new… :D.

rocky reference… I have been watching too many rocky movies on TV … “YO Adrian … I did it”

7 Replies to “MOTU Journey Update: My first update… Kipinä”

  1. This may seem rather picky but I always wonder why most packages don’t include the “Homesite” URL (field right after description). See the output of apt-cache show inkscape for a package that has such information.

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