Cupid goes G33k…

My dear friend David Hernandez from ubuntu-ve wrote them in spanish. I’d thought It would be good to share on this day…

g33k Phrases for valentine’s day

Warning, the following phrases have a high geek content, handle with care.

* You are the kernel of my GNU / Linux
* You are my the HTML   in
* You are my megabyte in 1024kb
* Your eyes shine more than my tower CD’s
* is  my homepage
* You are my CPU socket
* Your RAM gives life to my livecd
* You are the compiler of my code

* You are the .Gif that animates my life
* You are always are in ~ / heart
* I think of you more that the number of pages indexed by google
*  You are the enter key of my life

* If you leave me, I will ALT-F4 my life
* When you see my CPU cycle accelerates
* You have the highest priority on my list of processes
* You are the linker of my objects .
* Your wishes are signals for me
* None graphic could render your  beauty at 100%
* In the bed you are pure overclocking
* Without you my life would be like a website without  CSS
* You are my battery charger

happy belated valentine’s 

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