Wireless Router change…

dlink router

My old router is dead. 2 years of service. it was a Belkin F5D7230 Wireless G router. That must explain my connection woes this last week.


I got myself a D-Link DI-524 802.11g router.

The old belkin had a windows-only wizard for installing the router easily. I was shocked when I check the box for the new router. the second bullet in the System Requirements section reads:

  • Computers with Windows, Mac or (GNU/) Linux Based Operating Systesm with Installed Ethernet Adapter.

The web wizard for the D-Link router made it a breeze to install. I feel included now… 😀

11 Replies to “Wireless Router change…”

  1. erm, I should say that it has GNU/Linux on-board. If I’m going to admonish others, I should say it correctly myself. It’s _free_ software after all, and _that_ is the reason it works so well.

  2. D-link. Often referred to in the industry as “dee junk”. Its nice to see that linux bit as a requirement/option, but as the old saying goes:

    Prettily packaged crap is still crap.

    Linksys or netgear would have been the way to go. (My netgear rangemax unit has been running flawlessly for a year now.)

  3. I have dlink dir-655 that works extremely well and I’d say better than a wrt54g (perhaps because it’s newer). One feature I really like the IP reservations. It’s like having a static IP but not having to configure it. Of course, you can flash a wrt54g with dd-wrt and get lots of new features. However, dlink may have had trouble in the past but their new routers are very good and with Linux support it’s even better.

  4. I have that same router. It works fine except that I get log delays when ever I go to a knew website. I think it has something to do with my DNS settings. Additionally, I have it plug into another router. But I want to be able to access the file shares on those computers but it’s blocking me. Anyway, I can get this to work? Did you have the same issue?
    PS remind me in emai.

  5. Not sure how your mileage may go, but I own a DI-524 and have had nothing but trouble with it. I’ve only managed to get it to behave recently by turning just about every software option off, and hook it to my networks core switch (A nice Nortel Baystack 450 I managed to get for free, 1000baseSX card included) via one of the 524’s switch ports.

    No NAT, no internal firewalling, no DNS, no DHCP. Nothing. Nothing to break. I’ve got other devices on my network that do all of those features, and do them a helluva lot better than the DI-524.

    After that full frontal lobotomy it behaves a lot nicer now :).

  6. WOW, I didn’t know it was so infamous. The belkin I had before was not high on anybody’s list either. I just needed something that could distribute internet. I definitely should have asked you guys when going for a Router…

    If it breaks, No problem… I will only give me a reason to go a buy a new one. 😀

    Thanks for your insights and experiences. Now, I know what to expect.

  7. i have a d-link to about one year and i love this company. if we have one problem in linux they, in one week, do another firmware to solve the problem. ask them and they do that!

    i say this because i would like to people buy things that have suport for linux, and this company has!

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