MOTU journey update: bitesize bugs?.

Well, since it has been a while since I gave an update on How I am doing. I was trying to tackle some bitesize bugs to boost my confidence a bit. I did it just to test my knowledge so far. It is pretty safe to say I learned the basics.

I have a knack for tricky bugs…

I had picked this bug as it was in the bitesize bunch. I gave it a shot and I have to say the problem wasn’t the bug. It was the fact that it failed to build. the error:

dpkg-shlibdeps: failure: couldn’t find library needed by debian/kdepim-kresources/usr/lib/kde3/ (its RPATH is ”).

Some help was well on it’s way:

<\sh> effie_jayx, bah it’s cdbs black magic…I would say in debhelper syntax: dh_shlibdeps — -xkdepim-kresources.


<\sh> effie_jayx, as I said, you need to instruct dh_shlibdeps (which is a wrapper around dpkg-shlibdeps) to ignore the package itself. both libs are inside the same package, so something is going wrong there…-x<packagename> pushed towards dpkg-shlibdeps ignores this package…in debhelper mode it’s just a dh_shlibdeps — -x<packagenmae> and this problem should be resolved 

So I was in the look for somehelp in finding my cdbs trick. My little knowledge in thissubject of area was not going to stop me. I was pointed to this cdbs manual. I also decided to try out the MOTU mentors mailing list after all, my answer could wait a while.  I never got the package to build. I decided to contact Jonathan Riddell, the maintainer of the package and KUBUNTU pioneer, only to find the bug in question was not a bug at all… :S.  If It didn’t build, it was for a reason…

I gave this bug a shot and I seem to have done it right. I even submitted the bug to the Debian BTS and I got a very positive message. 😀

I am going for higher bugs now…

Go a get started on your MOTU work, If I can… 😀

I am fixing my schedule this weekend. Kudos to all at the Mentor’s list and #ubuntu-motu.
More later…

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