Students present FOSS to their community

A couple of weeks ago I attended this University fair like event called Expotecnología at Jose Gregorio Hernandez University, Maracaibo Venezuela (Sorry for not posting before but had no pics to show :S) . This is an event organized by the University and  oriented to Students of Engineering. Overall experience It was great fun to see students talk about projects and I was greatly shocked when I entered a room of
Operating Systems

Students present KUBUNTU


Students present MANDRIVA



Students present FEDORA



I was really pleased to see these demonstrations in stands. These students actually installed on their own machines, learned and then  presented their knowledge to the other students or teachers that passed by. Other stands featured programming languages and methods of construction for civil engineering. I was very pleased to see teachers encouraging their students to go and try FOSS.

I felt in dream land…

3 Replies to “Students present FOSS to their community”

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