Los Amos del Universo: I’m back and I am bringing some friends…

WHAT: MOTU Q&A session



WHERE: #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net

Dear all,

I was asked about My motu progress by three of the Ubuntu-ve team members. they asked me if I could run a motu session in spanish. Thruth be told I AM NO MOTU YET… however I can talk about my experience and my journey. Is English a barrier… probably but we won’t know until we get there… I may be running and IRC talk on MOTU all in spanish to briefly introduce MOTU to all spanish speakers.

In the long run

I will see the prominent rise of more spanish-speaking MOTU to help out those begining. The very helpful people at Debian-ve shared some ideas on how they handle the language barrier and It clearly underpins the only factor… “time” give more time to the ever growing spanish-speaking community and we will bridge more people into the development… Debian-es and Debian-ve have been around for a long time and it has a solid spanish-speaking DD work force. Let time bring in even more colaboration between  spanish-speaking LoCo teams (we have been doing great)… maybe mruiz and beuno can help lead the way… se vienen “Los amos del universo”

My MOTU journey

It seems to be going a bit slow, but truth is I have a clear path on where to  go… and I am focusing this weekend… maybe the talk will empower me more…

“Watch files, look at upgrade paths and FTBFS (and always, bugs need fixing).” the always wise words from #ubuntu-motu…

so I am diving into motu again… This train doesn’t stop. 

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