DON’T FORGET.. (and I won’t either)

WHAT: MOTU Q&A session



WHERE: #ubuntu-classroom on

PS. Last week I was late due to che time zone change in my country :S

<effie_jayx> no motu today?
<Hobbsee> effie_jayx: you’re late.

well, at least I didn’t get the stick of doom for being late 😀

back to my post.



taken from the UbuntuDevelopment/Merging entry in the Ubuntu Wiki:

” … In the beginning of each Ubuntu development cycle the packages in Ubuntu are updated to those in Debian unstable. However, because Ubuntu is not the same as Debian, some of the packages need to be modified to work in Ubuntu. There might also be bug fixes that Ubuntu developers have introduced into the packages…

Me and Merging

When I first started out trying to help in MOTU, I saw lot’s of people doing merges. and Not just MOTU, New people. I was very suprised. so I said, While in Rome… and I grabbed my first merge under the ever watchful eye of the more experienced MOTU’s. I did not know enough to help out with a merge. It was simply something I couldn’t get a hang of. mostly because I couldn’t undertand the process.

This time around It was different. with a little (or a lot of ) help from my MOTU friends (ScottK and mruiz) , I managed to pull it off. all I needed was to read more carefully and concentrate… here’s the knowledge you need UbuntuDevelopment/Merging

this is my first merge: merge bug #177163

Thank you all for the support and thanks for baring with me being a bit behind on my MOTU journey… I am learning the ropes 😀

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